Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, first teased on April Fools’ Day, has all the ingredients of a great prank. Combining equal parts nostalgia, camp and satire with a popular game franchise, Blood Dragon appeared to be a clever ruse. Besides, gaming has a rich history of elaborate pranks unleashed on April 1st, with some of the most memorable coming from Ubisoft themselves (although I think Blizzard currently holds the crown). The authenticity of the game was revealed shortly after the teaser hit the web, leaving us with more questions about this quirky project.

After playing Blood Dragon, I felt the compulsion to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000. Specifically, the episodes featuring 80′s Sci-Fi Action movies with lots of neon, a cybernetic hero, laser blasts and only the grainiest of video quality. If you were born after 1990, chances are you won’t feel any nostalgia playing through this game. You’ll wonder why the bad guys are wearing motorcycle gear, why the loading screens have a tracking bar and why the cutscenes look like they were created in MS Paint. But for those of us that grew up playing PC games in the 90′s and suffered through their fair share of bargain-bin Sci-Fi VHS tapes, there’s a lot to love here.


At the time of its release, BioShock Infinite stands as one of, if not the criterion for games of its type. The level of polish is truly impressive and a joy to behold. The themes it deals with boldly forge new territory in the medium. So many risks are taken that there is simply no way this game could have gotten made if BioShock had not been so successful before it. But I’m not here to heap on the praise. I want to elaborate on aspects of the game that prevent it from reaching that gaming nirvana where its systems, mechanics, graphics and sound all coalesce into the perfect experience that we all strive to find as gamers.



PAX East 2013 was so huge that a single gallery of photos couldn’t contain it. We have several categories for you to explore from our time at the show. We will be posting more photos and full blog entries in the coming days so be sure to come back soon!

Expo and Panel photos from PAX East 2013

Photos from the Expo Floor and Panels we attended.

62 Photos

Omegathon PAX East 2013

Knerd Knights Member Glasseye was randomly chosen to compete in the Omegathon Tournament during PAX East 2013, check out photos of her journey!

12 Photos

Borderlands 2 Gearbox Panel at PAX East 2013

Gearbox Software gave an amazing presentation complete with a magic act, exclusive reveals and plenty of free stuff for everyone!

13 Photos

Cosplay of PAX East 2013

Just a sampling of the dozens of amazing costumes that we saw during PAX East 2013.

25 Photos

Giant Bomb Panel at PAX East 2013

The crew at GiantBomb outdid themselves with a panel featuring multiple musical guests, game developer interviews and questionable fluids to drink.

34 Photos

pax eastThe Knerd Knights will be in full force at PAX East next weekend. Be sure to keep a lookout for them. They are most easily recognized by their distinctive T-Shirts emblazoned with the slogan, “We are the Knights who say Knerd!” If you see one, give them a PAX-friendly fist bump.

One of our own has been chosen to compete in the Omegathon, an elimination tournament held throughout the course of the convention. We wish her the best of luck!

We will have a post-PAX photo gallery and recap once we get back!


If you’re looking for space horror or a unique third person shooter, you are better served by other games in the genre. Namely, the previous two entries in this series. But if you have to see how the saga ends, there are worse experiences out there.

When I played the original Dead Space, I was blown away by the imaginative UI, high tension atmosphere, dismemberment system and incredible sound design. I pre-ordered the special edition of the sequel and was not disappointed, unless you count the miniature Plasma Cutter toy that was included with the package. The sequel had amazing setpieces, boss encounters that made my palms sweaty and some truly unsettling moments.

You would think that Dead Space 3 would be a shoe-in for my favorite game in the series, the ultimate culmination of the horrors that The Markers have wrought on Isaac Clark and the rest of humanity. Sadly, the series ends in a disappointing whimper.